Saturday, 18 January 2014



 This format of "A VERY COMPLICATED MOLECULE" was ranked #5,565 out of over 400,000 books in the Kindle Store on the 18 January 2014.

Something different for young adults as well as grown ups,... 

REVIEW: A very complicated molecule is a great story full of mystery and suspense. You meet aliens and gangsters as you become engrossed in this detectives story.
I enjoyed it because it was very different and needed no prompting to continue reading it.
Was sad at one point as two "people" in love parted, but it gets a happy-ish ending.
If you want to read something out of the ordinary, different from the rest this is a fabulous story to read.

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When Ben Taylor, a detective in London, wakes up with no knowledge of whom he is, where he is, or how he arrived at his destination, this story begins to unravel. This man has been an unfortunate victim of a gang incident and his lover Lydia wants to save him, but will they all have a price to pay?

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